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Blow Flies

Blow Flies Facts, Identification & Control

Blow flies belong to the Family Calliphoridae of flies under Order Diptera. To date, there are approximately 1,100 species of blowflies worldwide. Blow flies are often metallic in appearance, with feathery hairs on the terminal antennal segments. Adult blow flies have sponge-like mouth parts, while maggots have hook-like mouth parts.

Female blow flies typically lay their eggs on dead meat, where maggots hatch within six to 48 hours. These maggots undergo three stages within three to nine days, after which they leave their food source and pupate in soil. Within two to seven days, the puparium will be complete. Pupae remain inside it for another 10 to 17 days, at which point they emerge as adults.

Blow flies are attracted to fresh meat and are typically the first organisms to come into contact with dead animals. The meat of dead animals is essential for larval survival and growth. They are also attracted to plants that give off the smell of rotting meat and as such, are good pollinators.