Bed Bug Management

Bed Bug Management - BCI Greentech Pest Control Services

Bedbugs are not easy to kill by any other mean than chemical spray and injections. It is essential to go for a proper Bedbug management program with specific number of spray treatments in a particular span of time. Eggs of the bedbugs are safeguarded with gelatin layers which can sustain any kind of blow including chemical spray. First treatment will inhibit the activities of adult bedbugs. Most of them will be killed. Some of them remained behind will lose their capacity to fertilize and prick to suck.

After first treatment, it is possible that you will find more bedbugs than earlier though very few of them are alive. This is because the places where these tiny bugs used to hide will smell due to chemical spray and make it difficult for them to hide. In such cases you are advised not to get panic and wait for another couple of days. By any ways these bugs will try to enter into hiding places in the day time and will get ceased by the chemical effect. If you find the situation more irritating even after two days, then you can call us to schedule the second treatment.

It is very necessary to schedule a treatment after ten to twelve days even if you do not observe any bedbug activity. The incubation period of the bedbug eggs is of 10 days and they take another 15 days for the larvae coming out of eggs to develop egg laying capacity. We need to kill them before this to avoid recurring problem.

Every additional treatment within this span will attract 50% extra charge. Treatment after 10 days is mandatory to validate the warranty of further period.

Uniqueness of our modus operandi:

  • We use odourless chemicals which does not create the stench even after the treatment.
  • Only we assure for the complete eradication of bedbugs with six months warranty.
  • Along with chemical treatment, we apply Integrated Pest Management methods.
  • Our service contracts are designed to ensure that they cover your requirements and cover only the necessary pests with the right number of visits.

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