Cockroach Gel Treatment

Cockroach Gel Treatment - BCI Pest Control Services

Cockroaches are the most dominated among all household pests. They cause nuisance by their presence and also act as a carrier of various serious diseases causing pathogens like Gastroenteritis, Cholera etc. Cockroaches are nocturnal in habit and remain inactive during daytime.

Their Habitat is same as that of German Cockroaches. Adults may fly when disturbed. Oriental Cockroaches are most often found in dark basement or cellars, but can climb garbage shuts, sewer and water pipes to the upper floors in high rise.

Cockroaches are omnivorous and feed on any vegetable/animal substance. German Cockroaches are fully grown adults measure 18-20 inches in length. They are normally found in kitchen, Hides in cracks and crevices. American Cockroaches are fully adult’s measures 35-40 mm in length. They are normally found in hot humid places especially in manholes. Brown Banded Cockroaches are smaller in size about ½’ inch in length.

BCI pest Control Services provides herbal pest control and Drainage line treatment for the elimination of cockroaches in your house, specially kitchen. We also provide Chemical base spray, to control the menace.

We provide the best herbal pest control that have helped many hotels, canteens, offices, etc. and many residential areas to maintain a hygienic environment. Our herbal pest control has been proved to be useful to establish a disease free and healthy atmosphere. The gel is odorless. It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical console boxes, kitchen appliances, electronic Gadgets, behind the refrigerator etc. on which those conventional insecticide cannot be sprayed. It is safe, non-irritating and presents no hazard to the living environment.

Uniqueness of our modus operandi:

  • Odorless Herbal gel and Chemicals.
  • There is no need to clear the area or even cover food.
  • Hassle free & safe. You can stay at home during the treatment.
  • Long lasting effect and highly effective treatment.