General Disinfection

General Disinfection - BCI Pest Control Services

Chemical Spray - It is effective against spiders, ants, wasps and few other flying and crawling insects. All corners, wall-ceiling-floor junctions are sprayed with broad spectrum chemical.

Drainage line treatment - To prevent the entry of pests from drainage holes and from the neighboring premises, broad spectrum chemical is discharged into the drainage line through toilet, sink basin and bathroom drain holes.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces which have been in contact with animals, poultry or organic material is a vital element in controlling bacterial and viral diseases, and ensuring the wholesomeness and safety of foods. The thoroughness of pre-disinfection cleaning is the most important determinant of the efficacy of disinfection processes. Disinfectant users and officials responsible for the use of disinfectants must have clear goals and a sound plan of action. They must choose appropriate products, properly clean and prepare the site, and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of animals, humans, equipment and the environment. They must also objectively evaluate the results of disinfection procedures. Safe and effective disinfectant strategies require an understanding of the actions and toxicological hazards of the chosen products, a clear plan of action, regulatory discipline, conscientious documentation, responsible supervision and post-disinfection testing. Disinfection procedures and policies must meet legal and environmental requirements and the changing expectations of society