Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control - BCI Pest Control Services

BCI offers a unique mosquito service to help reduce mosquito populations so you can reclaim your yard. BCI's trained technicians will inspect your yard for breeding sites, including standing water and treat shrubbery and other shady areas where mosquitoes tend to land and rest.

The mosquito brings disease and death, creating havoc among unsuspecting victims by spreading malaria, cerebral malaria, brain fever, filariasis and dengue.

Malaria: This preventable, mosquito-borne disease kills more than 1,000,000 people worldwide each year, 90 percent of whom are children.

Because of the serious health concerns related to mosquitoes, anyone experiencing a problem should investigate around their home for breeding sites, particularly near standing water, and eliminate them accordingly. If the problem persists, check if there is a community-based mosquito control program in your area or contact a pest management professional like BCI- the national pest control provider offering mosquito control and treatment services.

Our treatment begins with an inspection of potential breeding sites and educating the consumer about how to remove them. Larvicides may also be used in standing water to stunt the growth of mosquitoes offspring before they become biting adults.The service also includes a thorough application of insecticides to leaves, shrubbery and other areas where adult mosquitoes tend to land and rest.

It is important to take prevention measures to reduce mosquito populations and the accompanying risk of disease

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